From the Architect's Corner - Design Professionals Work On Their Own Homes

Valore ShakeDesign professionals have the opportunity to learn about hundreds of products so they are able to make the best recommendation for their clients. Many of them are homeowners as well and can use this knowledge to choose the right products for their home.

Design Opportunity
- There has been a hail storm and an architect has had some damage on his own home which currently has cedar shakes. He is looking for a product that is Class A Fire Rated and Class 4 Impact rated to prevent future roof hail damage.

Design Solution - Both DaVinci Shake and Valoré Shake are rated for both impact and fire. This cedar shake alternative is not only aesthetically pleasing it is also a sustainable roofing product. This architect requested samples of our standard color blends, but when we got off the phone he was creating his own blend on our color desiger. I am interested to see what he creates! 

Are you a design professional with a DaVinci Roof? Tell us your story and share some pictures! 


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