From the Architect's Corner - FAQ

The most frequently asked question of the week has been about color! Black, grey, brown, purple - people have been all over the board this week with their design ideas. Fortunately our lightweight roofing materials come in many color options. Below is the most asked question of the week! 

Will my color choice factor into the cost? Maybe. In order to simplify this I will break out the answer into 3 scenarios. 

1. If you are looking at our multi-width imitation slate shingles and you are trying to decide between two pre-designed color blends, those will all run at the standard price (this will be true if you are comparing blends within the same product). You can also use our color designer to design your own composite shake or slate blend. If you can create it on the designer, there are no additional charges or fees beyond the standard pricing. This includes plugging slate colors into the shake mold (or vice versa) or creating your own blends using any available color in the ratios provided on the tool.  

2. If you want to customize a blend in color ratios that are not provided with the color designer on the website contact us for information on if your order will have additional charges. 

3. If you want to customize a color, meaning you want us to create a color that is not already one of our standard 49, contact us for information on if your order will have additional charges. 

Color Designer

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