From the Architect's Corner - Get to Know Your Local Roofing Expert

I know, I know. We say the word "local sales representative" and you cringe and automatically picture that stereotypical, used car sales guy with his slicked back hair and ulterior motives. Seriously though, when I say you should get in touch with your local steep slope roofing expert I really do have your best interest at heart. Of course our outside representatives are going to want to educate you about DaVinci and the lightweight tiles we offer, but they are also a wealth of knowledge for all things roofing. I am always blown away by how knowledgeable our representatives are, and the amount of experience they have in this industry that goes above and beyond plastic slate roof tiles.

They are here to educate you. Utilize them. Call me today to set up an appointment.

Megan Stone
800-328-4624 X 2114

DaVinci Roofscapes

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