From the Architect's Corner - Homeowner Preferences

Every day I talk on the phone with architects who are trying to accommodate the wants vs. the needs for their clients with regards the exterior products for their homes. Whether you are researching plastic roofing materials or considering other options, it is helpful to know in a ranking order what is most important.

European BlendYesterday Yahoo! News picked up a press release about a study we did to learn more about homeowner preference when it comes to exterior products and color. If you missed it, you can read the article here.

I'll share with you what we learned. Not surprisingly, durability was the number one factor when choosing a roofing material. These were the key factors that received the most mentions and hold the most influence when deciding on exterior building products, including steep slope roofing material:  
  • Durability (88 percent)
  • Longevity (83 percent)
  • Low/no maintenance (72 percent)
  • Resistance to weather (71 percent)
  • Has a warranty (69 percent)
  • Fire resistancy (57 percent)
  • Material the roof is made of (55 percent)
  • Price (50 percent)
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