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"Where are you located?" That is a question I get all the time and I know our Sales Support Representatives and Product Specialist get it a lot also. When I tell the inquiring party "Kansas City, Kansas," most are interested to learn that there are actually two cities named Kansas City, one on either side of the Kansas/Missouri state line. But what they are surprised to hear is that we actually manufacture here. As in, I can walk out the door to my office, take a left, go through a door and I am standing in our plant. We do certainly live in a world where everything we own that is made of plastic has a little "made in China" sticker on it, so why wouldn't your polymer steep slope roofing products?

A while back I saw a story on the news about a builder in Montana who is building a home where all the products used are made in the U.S.A. While it has been proven difficult, it isn't impossible to find these products and really the overall cost of this home isn't any more than a home using products manufactured all over the world. His theory is that if every builder purchased just 5% more "Made in the U.S.A." products, that 220,000 jobs would be added in this country.

At DaVinci Roofscapes we're very proud that our lightweight roofing systems are compounded, molded, packaged and shipped out of the U.S.A.

At the Plant

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Name: Jenny
Time: Friday, February 3, 2012

I love that photo! Very nifty. Looks like a Toland creation.

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