From the Architect's Corner - Roof Renovation

With the new housing market slow, most of the calls I get are concerning renovation and remodel work. A pretty good chunk of the inquires are coming from architects who are helping their clients replace one luxury roof with another, as in a natural slate roof with a synthetic slate roof.

So why are people making the switch? Really, cost is the major reason. Over the lifetime of the roof there are lots of factors to consider. How much weight can your structure hold? How much maintenance will need to be done? What is the total installed cost of the roof? Our Slate tiles are a fraction of the weight of natural slate, more resilient to extreme winds and impact and are a low maintenance product.

Below are a few pictures to illustrate how great a DaVinci roof looks, even as a replacement for natural slate.

Natural Slate Before DaVinci Slate After

Natural Slate Before                                           DaVinci Slate After (Evergreen Blend)

Side by Side
Side by Side (Vineyard Blend)


Name: Roof insulation
Time: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Looks great, how does this compare cost wise?
Name: DaVinci Roofscapes
Time: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thank you for your comment and your question about cost. To better understand your project and help you better determine costs, please contact Megan Stone at 1-800-328-4624 or

Best of luck with your project!

The DaVinci Roofscapes Team

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