From the Architect's Corner - Shakes as Siding

I grew up in a house with a wood shake roof and wood shakes as siding. I totally understand the appeal of shake siding, but also watched how much maintenance needs to be done with this material. Every year it was something...wood rot, insects or hail damage. Because we manufacture a composite shake material we get tons of inquiries on if our (traditionally) roofing material can be used as siding.

DaVinci Shake as SidingDesign Opportunity - An architect is working on a project for a home where the owner wants shake on the front of the home. Researching alternatives, he ended up on our website looking at our lightweight roofing systems.

Design Solution - DaVinci or Valoré Shake can absolutely be used as siding! Because the pieces go down one at a time, as opposed to some vinyl siding options, they look way more realistic plus they are virtually maintenance free!

Another siding project installed by contractor United Contractors from Andover, MN (612-803-3413).

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