From the Architect's Corner - Shopping Centers

A little hometown trivia fact - the nation's first outdoor shopping mall, The Country Club Plaza, is located in Kansas City! Though DaVinci Roofscapes wasn't around in the early 1900's when these buildings were designed, the trend to shop at an outdoor mall isn't a thing of the past!

Like the Plaza, many of these outdoor malls are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, so it is not uncommon for steep slope roofing products to be factored into the design. Here are the top 5 reasons an architect and a developer might chose a DaVinci product for an outdoor shopping mall project:European Blend

  1. It is Class A Fire Rated - very important and more than likely required by local building codes. 
  2. It is Class 4 Impact Rated - anything to prevent hail damage or other types of damage is a must. Constant work and construction on a shopping mall doesn't leave its patrons with a pleasant shopping experience. 
  3. It is virtually maintenance free (see #2)
  4. It is an eco friendly roof system
  5. It looks amazing!  

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