From The Architect's Corner - The Design Advantages of Synthetic Roofing Solutions Preview

Lately I have been promoting our new course, The Fresh Approach to Choosing Exterior Color, but if you are in need of a more technical course we've got one for you as well. The Design Advantages of Synthetic Roofing Solutions offers course users a detailed summary of polymer roofing products including information on testing, composition of the products, and comparison to polymer tiles to other types of materials like natural slate and cedar shakes. It is one hour in length, worth one Sustainable Design Credit (HSW) and is available 24/7 online for free.

In the course we discuss testing the products and the methods that we use to pass ASTM guidelines. For example, to test for a Class A Fire Rating the material is affixed to a deck and an intermittent flame is applied. In order to pass, the flame must not burn through the deck for at least 90 minutes.

Sound interesting? Need a Sustainable Design Credit? Click here to download our course, The Design Advantages of Synthetic Roofing Solutions.



Happy Friday, Architects!

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