From the Architect's Corner - What is in our Architectural Binder?

While many times just a simple product brochure will do, sometimes you need a binder. A good, old fashioned three ring architectural binder with all the important specs and details in one place.

What is in the binder? In a nutshell - everything! In detail:

1. All product brochures. We even have a brochure that discusses our role in green roof construction!

2. The full line of product installation guides.

3. Technical specifications including information on our Class A Fire Rating, Class 4 Impact Rating and all wind certifications. We also have a hard copy of our 3-part specifications in this section along with our warranty.

4. Information on color. Because this updates so frequently, I suggest you bookmark the color section of our website!

While a hard copy of the binder is still preferred by some, many have gone digital, taking their libraries online. Everything mentioned above (plus more regarding our plastic roofing materials) can be found on our website.

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