How Do Synthetic Slate Roof Shingles Reduce Installation Costs?

DaVinci Roofscapes' synthetic slate roof shingles can be less money to install than natural slate.  How?
  1. Our slate alternative weighs average 300 pounds/square as opposed to natural slate which can weigh 1,000 pounds/square +.  If your roof can hold an asphalt roof, then your roof can hold a DaVinci roof without any additional structural reinforcements required (though consult a professional roofing contractor to be sure!).
  2. DaVinci Slate can be put on with a nail gun, as opposed to slate roofing materials which need to be hand nailed. 
  3. Our plastic slate roof tiles are flexible and strong, and there is almost no breakage during installation.  Natural slate is very fragile and much waste is needed.
  4. It is lighter and easier to transport. 
  5. Cutting our material requires no special tools - in fact in a pinch a utility knife will work!

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