Luxury Roofs on Log Homes

Log homes come in a variety of sizes and styles, but one trend we're noticing is these retreats are becoming more and more luxurious! While polymer roof tiles may not dominate this nitch market, the trend seems to be moving towards these green roof systems.  Wood shake roof tiles seem like a natural fit for the log home design, but considering their short life expectancy many log homeowners are choosing a composite shake, like DaVinci or Valoré Shake, because of their 50-year warranty, Class A Fire Rating, and the fact that they are mostly maintenance free.  It isn't just our shake alternative we're seeing shipped out to be installed on these homes, our slate alternative is almost as popular! With the same warranty and testing standards as our shake alternative, our slate alternative, DaVinci Shake or Valoré Slate are the perfect cap to these luxury log homes. 
Tahoe Shake Slate Gray

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