New Years Resolution - Dump that old slate roof!

Natural slate roof tiles can truly be beautiful, until the roof gets so old that pieces start to chip and fall off, and it requires constant maintenance.  Why not replace that old roof with a brand new synthetic slate roof?  Why?  Here are the top 5 reasons:
  1. Our customers tell us that the cost of their synthetic slate roof is much lower than their natural slate roof.  The reasons?  Less weight and less waste mean an easier install, and its maintenance free! 
  2. Our synthetic slate tiles will arrive to your jobsite looking just like what you chose from a color sample.  So if you order one of our standard blends, or create your own, you're going to receive exactly the colors you ordered.
  3. DaVinci's simulated slate roofing materials are Class A Fire Rated, Class 4 Impact Rated, and have a 110 mph wind rating! 
  4. We offer a multi-width line for those who want premium color and width options, but we also offer a single-width line for those value minded consumers. 
  5. Our imitation slate shingles are a green roofing option.  How so?  The light weight tiles are light to ship so we can fit more on a truck.  You're going to end up with much less waste when the job is done due to the multi-widths and the non-brittle design of the tile.  Plus all your waste is 100% recyclable.  We also offer cool colors
Evergreen Blend

Name: Jenny
Time: Thursday, January 14, 2010

the title of this one makes me laugh out loud. because who would want to dump an old slate roof, but then i think about that roof in colorado that had all those problems with freeze and thaw and being a slate roof....and then i understand.

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