Snow Guards with Synthetic Slate and Shake Tiles

Winter is upon us and many parts of the country have already experience heavy snow fall.  Synthetic slate roof shingles, like their natural counterparts, need snow guards in areas where high snow fall is possible.   Pad-style snow guards, when installed in an effective pattern, can allow snow to melt on the roof in order prevent avalanching.  Snow avalanches can result in damage to gutters or piping and can also leave a driveway or walkway high with snow.  While the best time to put on snow guards is at the time of installation, retro-fit systems can also be purchased and installed after the roof is completed. 

But it isn't just those choosing a slate alternative that should consider snow guards.  Snow can also avalanche off a synthetic shake shingle roof so they are also recommended for the DaVinci Shake roof system. 

House with Snow Guards

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