This Just In from the Architect's Corner

Through my email campaigns and phone calls I am collecting quite a bit of intelligence on why architects like DaVinci Roofscapes' composite shake and slate roofing material. Here is a re-cap of a recent conversation.  

Design Problem - The building is a historic building and it currently has old asphalt shingles on it. It is in need of a light rehabilitation and cosmetic makeover so the building's owners have hired an architect to help them. Overall, the "bones" of the building are in great shape, but the building itself needs new windows, a paint job, some trim replaced and a new roof and gutters. The building owners and architect looked into natural slate but after meeting with a structural engineer determined if they were to replace the roof with a natural slate roof, the structure would need a little beefing up to hold the weight of the new tiles. The structural engineer recommended either using one of his recommended lightweight roofing systems, or paying to add additional support to the structure to accommodate a new slate roof.

Solution - While looking online for another roof option, the architect stumbled across our website and DaVinci Slate. After an inquiry call with me, he found out that DaVinci Slate only weighs around 300 lbs/square at a 7" exposure and falls well within the weight limit provided by the engineer. The samples were reviewed, the color was chosen, and the rest, as they say, is "histor(ic)y".

DaVinci Slate

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