Top 5 Questions Asked at the International Builders Show (and the answers!)

DaVinci Roofscapes exhibited products at the International Builders Show last week, as we do each year.  What were the top 5 FAQs (and answers) from 2010's show?

1.  Wait, this stuff isn't real?  So what is your fake slate made out of?  Engineered polymers (aka plastic).    
2.  How can it hold up to wind/hail/fire?  All of our products are 110 mph wind rated (or higher!), Class 4 Impact Rated, or Class A Fire Rated. 
3.  Is a DaVinci Roof an eco friendly roof?  Not only is DaVinci a sustainable product (it's a 50 year roof!), but it is 100% recyclable.  Our products can also contribute to LEEDs points and we offer cool colors as well. 
4.  Where is it made?  We make our products in the U.S.A., Kansas City, Kansas specifically and we ship from there also. 
5.  Where can I get it?!  We work with a network of outside sales representatives and distributors and we probably have somebody set up not too far from where you need your new roof installed.  Contact your Inside Sales Support Representative today for more information. 

DaVinci Booth at IBS

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