Valoré Shake Color Blends

In 2009 we introduced our single-width shake line, Valoré Shake, a more wallet friendly version of our luxury roof line, DaVinci Shake.  A cedar shake alternative seems a bit flat if all the tiles are the same color.  Using some pretty revolutionary technology, we are able to create blends using subtle color variation in order to give DaVinci customers what they expect - natural looking cedar shake color blends.   Inspired by the original DaVinci Shake blends, our blends for the Valoré line look just like their natural wood shake roof counterparts!  See blends below. 

Abruzzo Espresso
Abruzzo - Inspired by Mountain Blend      Espresso - Inspired by Tahoe Blend

Tuscano  Verona
Tuscano - Inspired by Autumn Blend         Verona - Inspired by Weathered Gray

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