From the Architect's Corner - a Helpful Tip

A product's sample in the hand is about the best thing you can provide your clients when choosing colors for the exterior of their home. It is important to remember to take your samples outside and put them in the natural light. Be sure to leave them there for a day or two and view them in all different lights and shadows. This will allow you to have a better idea of what the color will look like once the products are installed.

Click here to read more FRESH tips for choosing exterior color from our Color Expert, Kate Smith.


Fake Cedar Shake


Happy Friday, Architects!


Fires Belong in the Fireplace, Not on Your Roof

Imagine a crackling fire. Dry wood burning that shoots off sparks and a warm glow. Seems nice, right? And it is ... if it's in a fireplace. However, the image changes entirely if you're looking at cedar shake roofing catching fire atop a home.

In drought areas on the West Coast, homeowners with old cedar roofing live with the constant fear that wildfires may send embers onto their natural cedar shake roofs. Even sparks flying in the air from a wildfire a half mile away can have disastrous results for people with shake shingles.

The concern for flame spread on shake roofing materials is so strong that many communities and towns have passed legislation banning the use of real cedar shake roofing for new construction and replacement projects. So, what's a homeowner to do who loves the look of a wood shake roof? DaVinci Roofscapes to the rescue.

Synthetic shake roofing materials from DaVinci have a Class A Fire Rating. Even when a torch is held to them, they simply won't allow a flame to ignite or spread. (See Class A Synthetic Roofs Resist California Wildfires)

Allan Lyle with Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford recently put the product to the test. Watch this VIDEO and you'll quickly discover that the safest way to get the look of cedar on your home is to rely on simulated shake roofing from DaVinci.


Environmentally Friendly Roof



Showtime! Imitation Slate Roof Takes Center Stage

Break out the popcorn and settle in for a double feature!

Tim Carter, founder of has completed the installation of his imitation slate roof using DaVinci Roofscapes Single-Width Slate tiles.  We've followed Tim through his headaches with his old aging and problematic asphalt shingles (see Roof Busters! and Roofing Dreams Do Come True) and now he's sharing his finished roofing project with us.

See video #4 that gives an overview of Tim's new slate alternative roof:

Having trouble viewing video, click HERE

And then, for your double feature viewing, check out the final video showcasing the completed project:

Having trouble viewing this video, click HERE.

"This is a stunning fake slate roof that I'm proud to have on my home," says Carter. "Everyone coming up our driveway stops and stares.  They can't believe it's not real quarried slate.

"We live in New Hampshire, which is nicknamed 'the granite state.' This slate alternative roof looks so perfect that it beats any real stone I've ever seen! And, we're thrilled that it comes with a lifetime limited materials warranty so we'll never have to worry about our roof again!"


Polymer Slates --- Easy as 1-2-3

Click HERE  (or watch video below) to see how Tim Carter, with, explains his new DaVinci Roofscapes Single-Width Slate roof.

According to Tim, it's as easy as 1-2-3 ... first there's the starter shingle, then a DaVinci composite slate shingle and then hip shingles. Tim installed the synthetic roof shingles himself and he's proud of his journey from being an asphalt shingle roof homeowner to a composite slate roof homeowner.

"When people drive up to our house, the first thing they ask us is what kind of roof we added," says Carter. "This is a stunning transformation. This new polymer slate roof is attractive and eye-catching.  Best of all, I know it will last us for decades to come!"

See the first two videos on Tim's journey by clicking HERE and see what he has to say about DaVinci products at Roofing Dreams Do Come True.


Thinking Asphalt Roofing? Think Again.

If you're in the researching stage of getting a new roof for your home, you're likely looking at several alternatives --- including asphalt shingles.

Tim Carter, founder of and a contractor with decades of experience, has some valuable insights to share in his new short video on roofing options. Tim is replacing his failing asphalt shingle roof (it didn't even make it half way through the warranty period) with polymer slate roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Listen in to hear Tim's thoughts on asphalt shingle roofing and the advantages he's already seeing of using imitation slate shingles for his New Hampshire home.

Having trouble viewing video, click here.

For more insights on polymer shake roofing from Tim Carter, see Roofing Dreams Do Come True.



Driving Over DaVinci Roofscapes Polymer Roof Tiles

Seeing is believing. And, for Allen Lyle with Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford show, testing a product is really believing.

Because he wanted to truly understand the durability of DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roof tiles, Allen decided to put them to the test --- with fire, freezing, sledge hammers and even by driving a car over our synthetic slate product.

What happened? Nothing.

Watch the video above or click HERE to see how Allen blow-torched, hammered on and drove over DaVinci plastic roofing materials. You'll discover exactly what Allen did --- that our composite roofing materials are Class A Fire Rated and made to withstand fire, severe weather conditions and heavy impact. That includes everything that Mother Nature --- and Allen --- can throw at them!


American Made MATTERS

November 19 is American Made Matters Day. Why does it matter that products are made in America? Because it keeps jobs in our country, grows the economy and makes it faster and easier to get products you need.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we've always been exceptionally proud to promote the fact that our polymer roof tiles are 100% Made in America. Our facility in Lenexa, Kansas is a one-stop location where we manufacture all of our composite slate and simulated shake roofing products. This includes our multi-width and single-width full product lines, plus our 50 standard colors of polymer roofing. (See Made in the U.S.A)

You don't have to travel to Kansas to see how we make our  Class A Fire Rated lightweight tiles.  Just click HERE  or on the video below to see a short video of our team at work.

Making our sustainable roofing materials in the USA means we control all aspects of the manufacturing process. And it means we get them to the job site fast.

This November 19th stop a minute to think about what it means to buy products Made in America. Whether it's clothing, furniture, appliances or roofing, you have the power to help grow our economy when you dedicate your efforts --- and your dollars --- to purchasing American Made products!


Sky-High View of Polymer Roofing

Look! Up in the sky ... is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's a drone!

These days drones are all the rage --- and sometimes they cause rage. Despite some concerns, drones are predicted to be one of the top Christmas gift items this year. And, after DaVinci Roofscapes hired a drone photographer for the first time, we now understand why.

As you might guess, it's a bit difficult to get pictures of our polymer roofing on homes in some areas. Steep slope roofing can make it especially hard to get good shots of valleys featuring our simulated shake roofing and synthetic slate shingles.

Late this past summer we hired a company to take both drone pictures and video of Al Ruggerillo's house in Traverse City, Michigan. Al and his wife Pam had our Multi-Width Slate roofing tiles installed earlier this year on their expansive home. We were especially interested to get aerial images because the Traverse City area had severe weather, including hail and high winds, right before the photographer came out. (See  When the Winds Blow ... )

As you can see in the video, this designer roof looks tremendous. And, we've now got some terrific pictures and video to share with you to prove our composite roofing can hold up to all kinds of weather!


Sleep Secure with Composite Shake Shingles Overhead

"Burn, Baby Burn" is definitely NOT the theme song for the 2015 Fire Prevention Week. Instead, it's a very sensible message of "Hear the Beep Where You Sleep."

Fake Shake RoofWhile the National Fire Protection Association focuses primarily on fire safety within the home and the strategic placement of smoke detectors, it's important to also think about keep your home exterior safe from the spread of fire.

If you have real cedar roof shingles, you should be extra cautious. Wood shake roofs tend to have a faster flame spread than simulated shake roofing. The video showing fire testing of cedar shake roofing compared to composite shake roofing materials from DaVinci Roofscapes (click HERE to see video) shows that in less than 15 minutes, a real cedar shake roof can completely go up in smoke ... whereas a Class A Fire Rated DaVinci  fake cedar shake roof doesn't tolerate flame spread.

Here's the important message during Fire Prevention Week: composite shake roofing from DaVinci looks like natural cedar shake, but it has a Class A fire rating that proves it resists burning. That's especially important if you live in drought-stricken areas of the country where wildfires are prevalent.

For more details on composite roofing that refuses to burn, see Help Deter Wildfire Spread with DaVinci Class A Fire Rated Polymer Roof Tiles.


Roof Busters!

When it's time to get insights into roof replacement, who ya gonna call? Not ghost busters ... but a qualified builder!

Luckily we know just the guy --- Tim Carter, builder and founder of With several decades of experience (more than he would probably like us to mention!) Tim knows EVERYTHING about building homes ... including roofing systems.

This summer Tim started re-roofing his own home in New Hampshire ... with DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roofing tile.

Now Tim's sharing his candid insights on the process in a series of free online videos. The first one, entitled "DaVinci vs. Asphalt Shingles" can be found by clicking HERE.

Listen in and you'll hear Tim's past challenges and concerns with asphalt roofing plus his love of real slate roofs. Now Tim's discovered the best of all worlds --- simulated slate roofing from DaVinci that has the appearance of real slate, but not the weight.

Want more details on Tim's summer roofing adventures? Stay tuned for more videos that will be posted soon, and see Roofing Dreams Do Come True and DaVinci Roofscapes Helps Me to "Do it Right, Not Over!"


Pass the Popcorn ... and the Roofing Tile Possibilities

What does "unlimited possibilities" mean to you? 

If you're in the market for a new designer roof, it probably means getting exactly what you want, in the color you want and with a style that complements your home exterior. That's what we deliver at DaVinci Roofscapes.

Now there's a great video we're sharing that shows  you how DaVinci offers you unlimited possibilities. Click HERE to see our exceptional choices in simulated shake roofing, synthetic slate roof shingles, 50 colors and so much more.

You'll discover that with DaVinci, you get more than just possibilities get peace-of-mind. That's because our polymer roof tiles are Class A Fire Rated, have superior impact resistance and come with a lifetime warranty. Our sustainable roofing tiles have color "through and through" each tile that won't fade over time. Plus, insects, bugs and termites just hate our synthetic cedar shake tiles ... which we know you'll love!

For more details on Getting Serious About DaVinci Slate Roof Tiles and Slate or Shake --- Which DaVinci Roofscapes Product is for Me? click on these stories!


Worried? Sleep Easier with a DaVinci Roof Overhead

What worries keep you up at night? Overdue bills? Teenagers missing curfews? Job challenges? Fear of unpredictable weather?

At DaVinci Roofscapes we can help eliminate one of those concerns. Reduce your worries and get a good night sleep no matter what the weather conditions outside by investing in polymer roof tiles overhead.

Made to withstand impact, high winds and severe weather conditions, our synthetic roofing material resists hail, hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

Not sure if your home is ready for a new roof? Then have a professional roofer inspect the roof for worn out areas, loose shingles and hail damage. And remember, even if you're not seeing tennis ball-sized pieces of hail fall from the sky, damage can occur when any size of hail hits your roof. That's because hail can drop from as high as 30,000 feet and reach speeds of over 120 mph before hitting your roof.

Here are a few things you can be alert to related to your roof:

  1. Watch for missing shingles that blow away during a storm. These shingles should be replaced immediately to help prevent a leak from coming through exposed underlayment.

  2. If you see damage to other areas of your home (like your gutters or fence) then there's a good chance you also have roof hail damage.

  3. Check with your neighbors. If they're reporting hail damage to their roofs, then it's a good chance your roof was also severely impacted.

  4. Make note of the date and time of any hail storms in your area. That information comes in handy when contacting your insurance company to file a claim.


Follow these tips and you can reduce your roof worries. We can't do much about your teenagers meeting their curfews ... but we can help make sure there's a secure, environmentally friendly roof overhead when they come home at night.

For more information on our tiles, please visit Impact Resistant Roofing: Fight Back Against Mother Nature and From the Architects Corner: Impact Resistant Roofing.


Find the Perfect Roof Color

So you're getting a new roof. Whether you are re-roofing on an existing home or business, or building from the ground up, finding the right roof color can be daunting task. 

We've simplified it for you.

Kate Smith, our color expert, has a great eBook out called, FRESH - 5 Steps on Choosing Exterior Colors. In this free eBook, Kate details the steps to finding the perfect roof color:

  1. Start with the roof
  2. Identify the colors that need to be considered
  3. Choose the main color
  4. Select color for windows, trim and shutters
  5. Select your front door color

Kate talks more about her approach in the video below or you can Ask Your Color Questions Here.

Our simulated shake roofing and synthetic slate roof tiles are unique in a number of ways, including color.  We offer a multitude of color blends and if you can't find a standard blend that is just perfect, then you can select from our 49 standard colors to put together your own custom blend. Of course, if you're prefer a completely custom color for your home or business, we can work with you to create just the color you want.

Having trouble viewing this video, click here to view.

Do you own one of our green roof systems? Which color did you go with and why? We would love to see how your roof turned out. Please consider sharing a photo of your home and a story about your roofing journey here on our blog.


Featured Project - Fort Worth, TX

Unless you're home during the day (and even then, unless you are standing outside all day long), as a homeowner, you would probably miss most of the work that goes into the tear off of your old roof and the installation of your new roof. Dynasty Roofing, high-end contractor out of Fort Worth, does a great job of giving us the highlights of the process in the latest video they posted on YouTube of their crew installing a new Valoré Shake roof system. In just over 90 seconds you will see the old shake roof come off and a new, 50 Year roof go on.

Having trouble viewing this video? Click here to view.


Dynasty Roofing
Ft. Worth, TX






Tour the DaVinci Plant - See How It's Made!

One of the ways to truly appreciate our lightweight roofing materials is to see how they are made. There are a lot of steps that go into our manufacturing process from the product beginning in the Quality Assurance lab to our bundle sorting and blending prior to shipping to your home. After all, it's a 50 year luxury roof!

Mark Clement of MyFixitUpLife recently did a plant tour of our plant, so we thought we'd share it with you.

In the video below, Mark will walk you through our:

  • Quality Assurance Lab - Learn a bit about  our quality assurance process we use to make sure we are bringing you the best lightweight roofing tiles on the market.

  • Injection Molding Machines - Watch as our shingles are made using between 300 to 1,000 tons of force. This is probably the neatest part of our plant because it's where the polymers are molded and made into shingles.

  • Color Blend Sorting - See how we package our shingles. We bundle them according to color and width so they arrive at your home ready to go for your contractor. This eliminates the need for sorting and blending on the job site so your contractor can get started installing your new roof as soon as your DaVinci tiles arrive.

If you are having trouble viewing this video, click here to view.

What is your favorite part of the plant tour with Mark?  What would you like to see if you came to visit our plant?


Fire Codes and Your Roof: Class A vs. Class C Codes

Are you familiar with fire codes and how they work with roofs? Depending on where you live in the world, you may have more stringent fire codes than in other parts of the world. For example, in the United States, if you live in the Midwest where the rainfall is usually plentiful, the fire codes may not be as strict as they would be in New Mexico, for example, where wildfires can cause havoc on a number of properties.

Roofing tiles can earn one of three main ratings that range from "A" to "C". When a roofing product has a Class A fire rating, it has attained the best fire rating that is available. It also means that the material in question meets the following criteria:

  • Intermittent Flame - an assembly of tiles is subjected to an intense flame with a strong air current for two minutes then turned off for two minutes. This procedure is repeated 15 times. After the final flame cycle the air current is continued and the assembly observed for an additional hour to look for failure.

  • Spread of Flame -  flame and air current are applied for 10 consecutive minutes and then observed until the flame deck recedes. Once the flame deck recedes the assembly is checked for maximum spread of flame. 

  • Burning Brand - a burning brand is placed on an assembly of roofing tiles with a high volume of wind behind it. The decking of the assembly is constantly monitored for 90 minutes to see if any fire burns through.  If fire burns through the roof deck anytime during the 90 minute trial, the tiles fail.

A Class C fire rating on a roofing material, means the tests on the assemblies are done with 1 1/2" brands instead of 12" x 12" brands and the tests are run for shorter periods of time.

DaVinci Roofscapes tiles are Class A fire rated with the proper underlayments. The video below shows a burning brand test on our roof tiles.

What questions about testing certifications do you have about our polymer roof tiles?


How Do DaVinci Tiles Stand Up To "Sluggo" the Sledge Hammer?

Are you familiar with the show, MyFixitUpLife? The host, Mark Clement, likes to look at different building products and evaluate them.

Recently, Mark took a look at our polymer roofing tiles - well, taking a look was more like taking a hammer to it.  He also took a hammer to:

  • Natural Slate
  • Concrete Roof Tile
  • Cement Covered Foam
  • Stone Coated Steel

He then proceeded to take "Sluggo" to each roofing tile - "Sluggo", of course, is his sledge hammer.

The impact of Mark's hammer is very similar to the impact that a large hail stone would make when it hits your roof at a certain speed.

If you live in an area that is prone to hail, then it appears from Mark's experiment that DaVinci Roofscapes lightweight tiles might be just what your roof asks for to protect your family, your business and your belongings.

The video of Mark's testing is posted below - check it out!

Do you have a DaVinci roof? Do you live in a hail prone area and that's why you chose DaVinci? How has your roof stood up in the storms since you have had with your new roof? We want to hear your story - please feel free to leave a comment below with details.


New Videos from DaVinci Roofscapes!

With the addition of several newly-created custom videos, there’s something for everyone at the DaVinci Roofscapes website. Roofers and contractors can gain step-by-step tips on installing Bellaforté slate and shake products on a new video, homeowners can learn how to select the ideal colors for the exterior of their homes, and everyone benefits from a new plant tour video showing how DaVinci polymer roofing products are made.

The new FRESH Home Exterior Colors video is hosted by national color expert Kate Smith, chief color maven and president of Sensational Color. Smith authored a 30-page brochure on the same topic for DaVinci in 2011 and now shares her insights in the video. She provides step-by-step guidance on understanding the home’s exterior features and playing off them with color accents. Smith details out the FRESH approach for viewers, which stands for Fixed features, Regional colors, Environment and surroundings, Style of the home, and Have-to-use colors.

For the new Bellaforté Installation video, expert installers provide detailed directions on installation tips for both Bellaforté Shake and Slate products in roofing applications. The informative videos are intended to support written installation instructions also available from DaVinci.

Finally, the new DaVinci Plant Tour video features home improvement expert Mark Clement of MyFixitUpLife touring the DaVinci manufacturing facility in Kansas City, Kansas. Clement explores both the art and science of developing the polymer roofing tiles and hosts an informative behind-the-scenes look at the DaVinci operations.

 Click HERE see all these videos and visit the DaVinci website!


So Many Roof Colors… How Do I Choose The Right One?

At DaVinci, we are known for our wide range of color options, color blends, and custom color abilities. Also, our tiles are pre-blended at the factory prior to shipment to eliminate the hassle and extra time of on the job collation.

While we have a lot of options, sometimes it is hard to know what will really look fantastic on your home or business, especially if you don't have that creative eye.

That's where our national color expert Kate Smith can help. Kate is a certified color professional and knows first had what colors to select when it comes to a home or building's exterior. She has developed a five step process called the "FRESH" approach and is outlined below.

1. Fixed Features
2. Regional Colors
3. Environment and Surroundings
4. Style of the Home
5. Have-to-Use Colors

Thanks to Kate and her FREE online Color Book you can now use her same process to choose the right colors for your home. As well, Kate has created a quick video (below) that also outlines her "FRESH" approach. Just follow the tips as she outlines them in her guidebook and in the video and you are well on your way to a great color palette for your home. 



Of course, if you have any additional questions about which of our roofing profiles or color blends would look best on your home or business, simply submit a photo and description of your plans to be evaluated by Kate - she will provide you with her expert opinions to get you started creating your masterpiece.


Protect Your Roof with Class 4 Impact Rated DaVinci Tiles!

Your roof protects you from the elements and also from allowing any object to get inside your home. When it is damaged you run the risk of leaks, structural failure, and a whole list of other issues. Storm damage is one of the top causes of roof damage, and the impact rating of the material on your roof will determine just how resistant it is to hail and debris. A Class 4 Impact Rating is the highest on the market and products with this classification will give you more comfort and peace of mind for longer periods of time.

DaVinci products are engineered to withstand impact so that you do not have to worry as much about hail, falling debris, or any other external force. With our manufactured slate and composite shake, you get a Class 4 impact rating, can select the color you prefer (even get a personal color recommendation from our color expert), and most importantly you have peace of mind.

Depending on your insurance company, using a Class 4 Impact rated product may reduce your home insurance costs. If you live in an area that is prone to inclement weather that causes flying debris, wind and hail, talk to your insurance provider about the discounts that are available. Additionally, installing high-quality products on your roof will increase resale value and add a personal touch to curb appeal.



For more information on DaVinci Roofscapes products, contact us - we're here to help.