3 Parts to a DaVinci Shake Bundle

DaVinci Shake BundleIf you've ever laid your eyes on a DaVinci Shake bundle, then you know they seem a little strange looking, yet tidy!

Perhaps you don't even know what a bundle is, which is fine as well. 

We sell our shingles in a bundle; much like a water distributor would sell their water by the case.  There are so many bundles needed of our product to roof your roof!  When you are ready for a new roof, a roofer will measure your roof in squares (1 square = 100 square feet) and then from the number of squares, we can determine how many bundles are needed for your shake tile roof order.

Here are the parts to a DaVinci Shake Bundle:

1. Multi-Width.  No doubt you can tell that the shingles are not the same width in the bundle.  There is method to our madness.  We offer 5 widths in every bundle of DaVinci Shake.  Why?  Although this is a fake cedar shake roof, we want to imitate the natural one as much as possible.  You get a multi width roof naturally with the natural product.

2. Color.  We offer 5 different colors in our shake product.  This way you get the look you're going for on your roof without waiting or wondering how it is going to weather.  Each of our color blends has five different hues of color, creating a natural variance in the shake shingle roof look. 

3. Collation.  By pre-sorting the shingles, we are able to eliminate the sorting and guesswork for the roofer at the jobsite.  As the owner, you get the benefit of a natural looking roof!

If you'd like to learn more about DaVinci Slate or about any of our other plastic roofing materials, please contact us directly.

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