3 Reasons To Choose DaVinci Shake Over Natural Shake

DaVinci ShakeIf you are one of those folks that likes the real thing over the faux thing, then you might be having a difficult time deciding between DaVinci Shake roofing materials and natural shake.  Here are three reasons why you might consider DaVinci Shake over the real thing.

1. Waste in installation- There isn't nearly as much waste in installation with DaVinci because the DaVinci Shake does not come to the jobsite cracked, broken or chipped nor will it do those things during installation.  With a synthetic shake shingle roof, you don't have shingles that are too narrow or crack during installation.

2. Fire Retardant - Natural shakes simply don't come with the fire retardant that DaVinci synthetic shake shingles do.  With specialty underlayments, our shake shingle roof comes with a Class A fire rating.

3. Freeze/Thaw Resistant- DaVinci Shake is freeze/thaw resistant, however natural shake is porous and therefore can take on water and will hence expand and contract with freeze and thaw.

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