3 Reasons Why DaVinci Slate Is Better Than Natural Slate

DaVinci Slate in AberdeenYou might be really wondering how on earth DaVinci Slate could be a better choice for your roof compared to the choice of natural slate.  Well, here are some things to ponder.

1. Thickness - depending on where your natural slate is coming from (for example, Virginia, Vermont or China) it will vary greatly in thickness.  If you want to be guaranteed a certain thickness, you will achieve it with DaVinci Slate, which is 1/2" thickness standard.

2. Pre Mixed Color Blends - If you want to have a variety of slate colors on your roof, then you will have to order the various colors individually and then your roofer will have to sort and figure out the blend at the jobsite.  DaVinci Slate comes that way for you, that's why it ends up being a great slate alternative.

3. Lightweight - DaVinci Slate doesn't require that you beef up your trellises to handle the weight of a DaVinci roof.  However, natural slate is heavy and most roofs need to have the extra support in order to withstand the weight. 

All three of these reasons are also things that will save you money when you go with a DaVinci plastic slate roof.

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