3 Ways To Save Money With A DaVinci Plastic Roof Compared To Natural Slate

DaVinci Slate in AberdeenYou probably know that natural slate roofing materials are one of the most expensive roofing options out there.  Of course, sometimes, you cannot help that you want the look of slate, but at the same time, you realize that you cannot afford it.  DaVinci Slate is a cheaper option because of the following reasons:

1. Thickness - Whether your natural slate comes from Virginia, Vermont or China, you will inevitably pay more for the thicker stuff.  To be guaranteed a certain thickness, you will achieve it with DaVinci Slate, which is 1/2" thickness standard.

2. Pre Mixed Color Blends - If you like the look of a color blended slate roof, then you will pay more for it both in materials and in labor.  You will pay for the contractor's time in sorting and blending the color pattern and you will also pay more for certain colors.  With DaVinci, your roof will come in pre-mixed and blended bundles to the jobsite.  Causing no additional labor for your roofer (and therefore no more labor hours for you to pay for) and there is no difference in price in our color blends.

3. Lightweight - DaVinci Slate simply weighs less than natural slate.  Therefore, it is less expensive to ship our slate alternative, less to install it (since you can bring DaVinci to your roof a lot more easily) and you don't have to beef up the trellises on your roof for DaVinci. 

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