5 Reasons To Love Our Fancy Shake

DaVinci Fancy ShakeIf you're looking for a product that looks like a shake tile roof, but doesn't have the deep grained texture of a thick shake, then you will love our Fancy Shake product.

1. Better Than The Real Thing. DaVinci Fancy Shake gives you the clean smooth look of a machine sawn shake, but without all the headache.  It's a 50 year roof, and is virtually maintenance free, unlike natural shake.

2. Color Choices.  You cannot guarantee the final look of a real shake roof because it will weather depending on the sunlight and your area of the country, including the sort of tree it came from.  When you go with a DaVinci Fancy Shake roof you have choices when it comes to what color you want on your roof.

3. Saves a Tree.  You get the look of a shake shingle roof without cutting down the trees to get the look that you want.  As a result, a DaVinci Fancy Shake roof is an eco-friendly roof.

4. No Mistakes. You can be rest assured that your roof will look normal and look like it did when you thought of buying it because we send out the shingles in factory collated bundles that are pre-blended according to shingle width and shingle hue of color.

5. Less Waste.  Less Money.
Since DaVinci Fancy Shake doesn't crack or break, your roofer will have less waste and less waste means less money out of your pocket.  Additionally, you already know that it is a 50-year roof, so it is no surprise that it lasts longer than a natural shake roof.

Are you a DaVinci Shake homeowner and one of the reasons you love your DaVinci Shake roof isn't listed above?  Please feel free to include a comment below as to why you love your roof!

If you'd like to learn more about DaVinci Fancy Shake, please contact us directly.

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