5 Reasons To Pick DaVinci Slate Over Other Synthetic Slates

DaVinci Slate Black Have you been debating whether or not to go with DaVinci Slate or to go with another plastic slate roof?  Here are 5 reasons why to pick DaVinci Slate over other synthetic slates:

1. Appearance - DaVinci Slate is like no other synthetic slate roofing materials on the market.  It is truly beautiful.

2. Thickness - DaVinci Slate is 1/2" thick at the butt end of the shingle.  More over, our shingles taper from 1/8" thickness at the top to 1/2" thickness at the bottom. 

3. 5 Widths - While multiple widths are standard with natural slate, they aren't standard with other synthetic slate roofing materials.  However, DaVinci does have 5 standard, and you don't pay any more for them.  Other synthetic slate shingles are sold in multi-widths, but cost more and only are sold in 3 different widths.

4. Pre-mixed color blends - As you may or may not know, we have 9 standard color blends.  These were created from existing slate roofs that were designed over 100 years ago. 

5 Weight - some other synthetic slate roof tile is lightweight, but others are not.  With DaVinci you don't have to beef up your trellises to handle the weight of DaVinci as its weight is comparable to asphalt shingles. 

If you'd like to learn more about DaVinci Slate and staggering or straight coursing or about any of our other plastic roofing materials, please contact us directly.

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