5 Reasons Why Customers Love DaVinci Products

We always persevere to ensure that our customers get the best quality and service ever when they buy green roof systems from DaVinci. Here are five (of many!) reasons why our customers love our luxury roof products:

composite slate1. Fake? No way!: No one would be able to tell your fake shake roof apart from a natural one. With the natural gradation in the colors of our tiles, they look like they are nothing if not natural cedar or wood. With the heightened functionality DaVinci products sport without compromising on the overall look, it is no wonder customers love them so much.

2. Ease of Installation: DaVinci shingles come sorted and collated to the installation site. Roofers don’t need to sit and sort them before installation, unlike other roofing products. This ensures that they can complete their job quickly and easily and you can save on the extra labor costs.

3. Thick but light: With a standard thickness of ½” on our Slate and 5/8" on our Shake, you can be rest assured that you don’t need to pay more for thicker tiles with DaVinci. Also, despite the thickness, our products remain light and you therefore do not need to buff up your trellises.

4. Choices galore: With numerous color blends to choose from and an option to come up with your own custom blend, there are endless possibilities that a homeowner can explore with DaVinci cedar shingle alternatives.

5. Quality: DaVinci luxury roofing is of the best quality possible and possesses the highest resistance against impact, wind and fire.

Come fall in love with DaVinci products; contact our customer service department. Want to share your experience with DaVinci shingles? Please leave a comment.

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