A Brief History of Some Different Types of Roofs

There are countless ways to cover the top of a home, but all roofs are meant to provide the same basic functions of sheltering the people who live there from elements such as rain, snow, and intense sun. Since people started living in houses protection has always been the principle reason for a roof. This history is naturally far too lengthy to cover in one short blog post, but the following will at least provide some basic history regarding roof types that have been used over the course of several centuries:

  • Thatch: Probably the first ancient type of roof and is actually still regularly used in some areas of the world. It's basically a roof made up of grass, reeds, or other vegetation that has been woven together.
  • Slate tile: People have been using sections of flat stone to cover their homes for more than two thousand years. This method was employed by the Romans and may have been used by other civilizations before then. It also replaced thatch in many areas because it was far more resistant to fire than dry vegetation.
  • Composite slate roof: The next step up from natural slate tile was the use of tile manufactured from resins. This represents the latest and best in roof technology as it is lighter in weight, more durable, and more energy efficient than natural tile.

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