A Comparison of Natural and Composite Slate

Slate is one of the classic roofing materials. This type of stone material was an ideal option for roof Lightweight Roofing Systemsprotection because of its durability, naturally flat shape, fire resistance, and beautiful colors. It's still used on roofs today, but the faux version engineered with polymer resins is a step up from the natural variety. The following is a brief comparison between DaVinci polymer slate products, natural slate, and other brands of engineered slate:

  • Authentic appearance: Whereas the limited colors and widths of some fake versions make them appear to be obvious imitations, DaVinci products are carefully engineered to look very much like the real thing and come in 49 standard colors.
  • Color blends: DaVinci tiles are offered in several different color blends and come in pre-sorted bundles. Other products (including natural ones) have to be sorted and manually blended at the job site.
  • Fire resistance: Both DaVinci and natural products earn a Class A rating with standard underlayments. Other products require special underlayments to earn the same high rating.
  • Wind resistance: Natural slate and DaVinci products are resistant to winds of 110 mph. Other tiles are a bit less resistant to winds.
  • Maintenance: While imitation roof tiles are maintenance free, the natural version will always require regular inspections and repairs.

To learn more about why DaVinci roofing materials are a step above both natural and other brands of resin tiles, contact DaVinci Roofscapes by email or calling 1-800-328-4624 today.

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