A Few Basic Parts of the Roof

Lightweight Roofing SolutionsAnyone working on a roof needs to be aware of some terms for key structural features. This helps with installation directions and gives a better understanding of how to turn your roof into a work of art. Although there are more parts to a roof than most people realize, some of the most important features include:

  • Eaves: This refers to the part of the roof that extends out past the exterior walls at the bottom of the roof.
  • Hip:The exterior angle formed by the junction of a  sloping side and a sloping end of a roof.
  • Ridge:The apex of the roof where two slopes meet.
  • Valleys: An internal angle where the bottom of two sloping roof panels meet. This term is appropriately named as this part of the roof resembles a valley.
  • Dormers: The structure around a window that projects out of a sloped roof.
  • Turrets: Cone-shaped parts of the roof that project upwards. It can be challenging to apply slate roofing materials to these structures although DaVinci Roofscapes greatly simplifies the process with turret packages.

To learn about the easy installation of quality slate roof alternatives, email or call DaVinci Roofscapes at 1-800-328-4624.

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