Advantages of Plastic Roofing Materials

DaVinci SlateSome folks might frown at the sound of plastic roofing materials.  It sounds cheap and ugly.  However, when you think about the products we use to keep water in its place, it is usually plastic.  

Many plumbing pipes in homes have been changed to PBC.  To keep an air tight seal on our casseroles, we usually use a plastic wrap and of course, plastic ponchos always come in handy at a sports game when we don't want to get wet.

So there is no wonder why plastic is an excellent choice for a roofing material.  At DaVinci, we have not only managed to execute excellence in performance with our plastic slate, but also we have managed to match the beauty and elegance that you get with a natural slate roof with our fake slate.  To get a full idea of the beauty you can achieve through plastic roofing materials, please visit our Masterpiece Gallery where you can see a number of our tiles installed on roofs throughout the world.  Feel free to imagine your roof with the beauty and elegance that DaVinci would bring.

Additionally, a DaVinci Roof is an environmentally friendly roof because our tiles are 100% recyclable.  This is a huge advantage of using plastic roofing materials.  We recycle any of our tiles that do not meet our quality standards process and re-use the material in our starter shingles.  Moreover, scraps and other cuttings from a job site can be returned to our factory for recycling. 

Please contact our sales department for any questions you have and to get in touch with a representative in your area to take your first steps towards plastic roofing. 

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