Ask Your Color Questions Here

Finding the perfect color for your new DaVinci synthetic shake or slate roof tiles can present somewhat of a challenge especially if you are trying to make the decision by yourself. Besides offering a full palette of realistic slate and shake colors, our tiles come in 49 different colors and an infinite number of custom color blends. Our Valoré tile, in particular, offers cool roof colors that can aid in reducing heating and cooling costs.

There is certainly more to consider in choosing roof color than just the beauty and aesthetics of your DaVinci 50 year roof. For instance, our post on Choosing Colors that Last goes into detail about how the exterior paint color you choose is affected by your home's exposure and paint quality.

So if you need help in deciding or just need an expert's advice on choosing the best color for your home or commercial building, you can ask our color consultant your questions. Our color expert is here to help offer advice and guide you in the color selection process. Just visit our color expert online to get answers to your questions. We want you to be assured that the roof color you choose will be the right fit for your building.

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