Be an Informed Buyer - Do You Have a Gable Roof?

Lightweight Roofing SystemsHomeowners or business owners in need of a roof replacement should know about the type of roof protecting their home or business. Understanding your roof will help you be better informed about overall costs and the best materials to use for a new roof. One of the most basic roof types is the gable roof. These are any roofs that have two upward sloping sides that meet at the top. The basic, triangular-shaped roof that children typically put on drawings of a house is a gable roof but so is a beautiful, more complicated roof that has several cross-gables.

As long as the roof has two sloped sides, it falls into the gable roof category. The simpler it is, the less it will cost to replace, and vice versa. Roofs with several cross-gables can also pose challenges in terms of waterproofing because of the higher numbers of ridges and valleys. However, as long as roofing materials are installed correctly, there shouldn't be any leaks, especially if water resistant polymer roof tiles are used. Composite roofing tiles also lower the long term costs on any gable-roof structure if the tiles in question have been tested for high impact and high wind resistance.

Do you have a Gable roof that uses our polymer roofing products? Please send images of your roof to share on our blog!

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