Be an Informed Buyer - Do You Have a Hip Roof?

You might feel like your roof is "hip" but if it doesn't slope down on all sides, it's not a "Hip roof". Hip slate hip roofroofs are a common type of roof in many parts of America, come in many forms, and can always be recognized by the lack of any vertical sides or "gables". For example, if the top of your house looks like a pyramid, it probably has a square Hip roof. If it looks kind of like a pyramid with a long ridge on the top, it's probably a rectangular Hip roof. Tented roofs and Mansard roofs are also variants of Hip roofs.

Hip roofs are beautiful, there is no doubt. If you are considering slate or shake on your new hip roof, consider our polymer slate and shake tiles. They require far less maintenance than their natural counterparts, come in 49 standard colors, numerous color blends, 7 different profiles and have a limited 50 year warranty. Our tiles will make your hip roof the most beautiful roof on the block.

Do you own a home with a hip roof that is topped with a DaVinci Roofscapes product? Send us photos to share on the blog!

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