Bellaforté: Same DaVinci Roofscapes Technology, Different Profile

People are asking if the Bellaforté roofing tiles are made of the same weather resistant polymers as other DaVinci products. Rest assured, the same Bellaforte Lightweight Roofing Solutionstechnology used to produce insect and weather-resistant DaVinci shake and slate tiles is also employed for the beautiful Bellaforté tiles. The thought that they may be different has crossed the mind of some roofers due to the different profile. Although they have a 12 inch width that differs from several other tiles, they are certainly made of the same DaVinci Roofscapes materials that have been carefully engineered to provide long-lasting, beautiful protection for every roof.

Another aspect of the Bellaforté tiles that may have thrown some people for a loop is the small 3 inch headlap. Such a short headlap is actually a bonus because it makes for fewer tiles needed to cover a roof and thus lower costs. Bellaforté tiles in turn help to shrink your carbon footprint and can also reduce heating and cooling costs with EcoBlend® cool roof colors.

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