Bellaforté Training in California

BellaforteYou may or may not be familiar with our newest product, Bellaforté.  The Bellaforté imitation slate roof offers property owners quality, value and a 50 year roof.
Our Bellaforté line is self aligning roof tiles that enable fast installation and precise placement. Bellaforté is not only durable, practical but also beautiful enough to protect and enhance your home or building.

Recently, our manufacturer's rep in California held a demonstration of how to install the Bellaforté simulated slate roofing for several roofing contractors in the area.  It was their first time seeing and working with the product.  Our rep reported back that the contractors were overall impressed with the product, highlighting:
  • Ease of Installation
  • Quality of Product
  • Innovation of The Self Aligning Feature
In fact, because of the self aligning wind tab, contractors only have to do one chalk line for measurement - which makes the installation go a little more quickly.

Interested in checking out Bellaforté?  You're welcome to read more about it in our Bellaforté brochure or please contact our customer service department for more details.

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