Bellaforte Installation – The Different Kinds Of Tiles

Fake SlateOur Bellaforte installation guide helps make an already easy installation even easier. Download a copy of it from our website to get detailed instructions about the installation process.

There are three kinds of Bellaforte lightweight tiles you’ll find in the collated bundles that reach the installation site.

Field Tile
The field tiles are the main tiles that will cover practically the entire roof (see photo to the right). They must be laid from left to right. Contractors should draw horizontal lines to ensure that the tiles are aligned properly.

Bellaforte Cambridge Fake Slate

Rake Tile
The rake tiles are installed to finish gable ends. The first rake tile should be installed at the gable end such that the butt of the tile is flush with the butt of the first course of the field tiles. The second rake tile should be installed in such a manner that its tip touches the butt of the second course. Subsequent tiles should be installed similarly.

Hip and Ridge Tile
The hip and ridge tiles should be maintained at 12” exposure. These can be installed over hips and ridges in two ways: the standard method or the alternative method, both of which are explained in detail in the installation guide.

For any inquiries about any of our lightweight roofing systems, please reach out to us. If you are looking for a contractor for green roof construction, let us know and we’ll help you find a contractor in your area.

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