Bellaforté Lightweight Roofing Systems

Of all the products made by DaVinci Roofscapes, Bellaforté has to be one of my favorites.  I love that it is not only good looking but that it is also super functional and literally, as it's name suggests, strong!

Bellaforte Interlocking SystemLet's break down the word Bellaforté so that it makes more sense.  I know not all of us speak Italiano!

Bella = Beautiful

Forte = Strong/Strength

Combine them and you get Beautiful Strength or Bellaforté.  It's true.

Our Bellaforté tiles have an interlocking system that makes their wind resistance superior to other lightweight roofing solutions.

They are also backed by a 50-year-limited warranty, are quick to install and are low maintenance.

If you are worried about synthetic slate cost, then Bellaforté might be your answer. Our Bellaforté line comes with all the bells and whistles of polymer packaged together for a cost-effective budget.

Do you have a Bellaforté synthetic slate roof?  We want to see how it turned out!  Please share a photo of your project with us as well as a story about how you came to find DaVinci's Bellaforté, why you selected this product and how you like it now.  We may even share the story on our blog!

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