Benefits of Using Polymer Roof Tiles for Closed Valleys

Valleys are those parts of a roof where the bottom of two slopes meet. If the roof tiles also meet, then the Lightweight Roofing Systemsvalley is considered "closed". If the tiles don't meet, then the valley is open. The valley you go with depends on your personal preference, but polymer roof tiles are going to work well no matter which type of valley you choose. The following are the benefits associated with using resin roofing tiles compared to wooden shake and shingles that use other materials:

  • No worries about rot: When using wood, or products other than polymers for tiles in closed valleys, you have to be more concerned with tiles being affected by leaves and other organic materials that can collect in a closed valley. As leaves decompose, they can speed up the deterioration of some types of shingles. However, the tough polymer resins in DaVinci products are far more resistant to such potential problems.

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