Bring a Little Custom to Your Blend

When we talk about adding a little custom to your blend, we aren’t talking about coffee or tea. In DaVinci lingo, custom blends simply refer to the fact that you can take any of our 49 standard palette colors and create your own custom color blend to suit your building’s appearance, style and environment.

With mixing and matching of colors, your building roof top is truly your own custom work of art. To experiment with your own personal color creations, all you need to do is visit our DaVinci Color Studio where you will find our Color Designer ready to customize color on our synthetic shake or slate roof tiles using the Multi-Width DaVinci or Bellaforté tiles. Using 2 to 5 color blends, your polymer roof tiles will be manufactured with natural looking color variation from tile to tile. Choosing custom blend colors for your tiles is at no additional charge. Not finding the color you want? You can have DaVinci create a custom color just for your home. 

To give you an idea of how custom blend colors appear on finished roofs, here is a selection of photos for you to see the beauty and elegance that custom colors add to roof tops.

Valoré Slate Custom Color:

Valore Slate Custom Blend

Multi-Width Slate Custom Blend:
DaVinci Slate Multi Width Custom Blend

Multi-Width Shake Custom Color Red:

DaVinci Multi-Width Shake Custom Blend
Custom Beaver Creek Blend:
Custom Beaver Creek Blend

So get started today using our Color Designer and designing your own custom blend for your DaVinci roofing tiles.

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