Built to Withstand Strong Wind Conditions of Hurricanes and Storms

Hurricane season officially lasts from June 1st to November 30th of each year, and areas of the country that experience the brunt of these volatile storms learn very quickly to stay vigilant and prepared for the sometimes devastating effects of these severe weather conditions.

DaVinci SlateFor those who want to weather these storms with the least amount of damage, it is important to safeguard your surroundings and take steps to protect it from injury prior to hurricane season.  Areas of particular concern for every homeowner are the walls, windows and roof of their homes. Wind and rain can make quick work of blowing out windows, damaging exterior walls and shingle roofs. Often people who live in hurricane prone areas will find shingles all over the yard after a strong storm.

We can help prevent the typical damage associated with these storms with our lightweight roofing solutions that are rated Class 4 for impact tests and wind certified to 110 miles per hour. When hurricanes hit, they often blow objects that hit windows, doors and roofing.  Additionally, severe thunderstorms often found in these same areas during different seasons will produce hail storms in addition to heavy rain.

Our slate and cedar shake alternative tiles are built to help resist roof hail damage and the impact of blown objects. To see for yourself how high winds and debris can destroy basic roofs, this video demonstrates an asphalt roof under heavy wind as well as how our roofing materials withstand and avoid damage associated with strong winds.

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