Calculating Waste on a DaVinci Job

Whether you are a building owner or contractor bidding on the job, determining the amount of waste needed for a roofing project can mean quite a difference to roof budgets. Some roofing materials require orders upwards of 20% waste especially when considering steep sloping roofs using natural slate.

DaVinci Slate Multi-WidthFortunately for those considering our composite roofing there isn’t much in the way of additional waste needed. With our multi-width tile product, there is very little to no waste required unless the roof is a gable roof with valleys. In those situations where deep valleys are a consideration, there is one square of waste for every 100 lineal feet of valley.

For hip roofs with valleys, the part you cut away for the valleys during installation may be used on the hips so the need for waste is eliminated. With the Valoré product line, there is 2 to 3 percent additional waste while with our Bellaforté tile roofs there can be as much as 8 percent waste depending on the specific project.

Using the proper technique while cutting our copolymer plastic slate tiles can also affect how much waste will be needed. Be sure to visit our July post entitled “Installing DaVinci with No Waste” for more tips on how cutting with a circular saw helps avoid waste as well.

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