Can I Install Snowguards After My Roof Is Installed?

We talk a lot about snowguards at DaVinci because, if you live in an area that can get moderate to heavy amounts of snow,  most composite slate or shake roofs need them. DaVinci Roof with Snowguards They are an important part of the roof because they help to prevent dangerous roof avalanches. The easiest way to add them to the roof is during the initial roof installation. However, if you forgot about snowguards at installation, fortunately you can still retrofit your DaVinci roof with snowguards before the heavy snowfalls of January and February.

Roofing expert Tim Gentry discusses retrofitting snowguards on a DaVinci roof on his blog. The process sounds simple enough, involving items like sealant, snowguards, and self tapping fasteners with gaskets. As always, an experienced roofing contractor should be hired to do the job.

Retrofitting snowguards on Bellaforté tiles can also be done. Since Bellaforté tiles have a different profile than our other tiles, retrofitting snowguards requires a different approach. Tim Gentry shows one way this can be done in a video on his blog. Installation of snowguards on a roof that is protected by unique, affordable, and lightweight Bellaforté tiles requires little more than knowing where to place the snowgaurd, where to cut the Bellaforté tile so it fits on top of the snowguard, and nailing them into place.

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