Can Insects Damage Composite Slate Roofs or Fake Cedar Shake?

Fake Cedar ShakeWhen businesses or home owners are deciding which materials to use for their new roof, one of their many concerns is if the roof will be susceptible to damage caused by insects and other pests. People often ask questions such as, "Can bugs make a home in roof tiles and slowly but surely destroy them? Are natural or composite tiles better for keeping insects from chewing a roof to pieces?"

In actuality, the potential for insects to cause damage to natural or composite roofs depends less upon the materials used and more on whether or not the roof leaks. Natural materials such as cedar shake became popular for roofs due to their inherent resistance to pests and insects who likewise avoid chewing on composite materials. That said, it would be highly unusual to have a roof that ended up being damaged by insects. Perhaps the one time when insects could end up causing damage is when the roof in question is leaking or falling apart. Water that accumulates under the tiles of a damaged natural roof can provide habitat for and attract Carpenter Ants on account of the soft, wet rotting wood. A building properly roofed in polymer tiles isn't going to have leaks but even if it did, it still wouldn't be attacked by insects that bore into and eat wood.

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