Care and Maintenance Needs of DaVinci Roof Tiles

Steep Slope RoofingWhen contracting to have a new roof installed on your home or office building, you might not have considered the type of care and maintenance that will be required for the roof material you choose. And really, why would you concern yourself with something of that nature when the brand new slate tile or wood shingle you view online or in the store looks so pristine and perfect?

In fact, knowing the care and maintenance needs of the roof you decide to use is one of the  most important considerations when selecting a roof tile or shingle for your building. A new roof is an important investment in protecting your property and the people who live and work in it so you want to make sure that it will withstand many years of wind, rain and hail without having to spend a lot of money over time to take care of it as well.

If you have been considering the DaVinci 50 year roof, you probably already know that our tiles have a Class A fire rating, Class 4 impact resistance and are have passed wind tests at 110 miles per hour. What you might not have known is that our roofing tiles are virtually maintenance free. That isn’t so with the cedar roof shingles or slate tiles you might be considering. In fact, natural materials like wood and slate need extensive treatments or repair in order to maintain their good looks and protection.

If a beautiful quality roof tile with the look of the natural material without any special maintenance needs sounds appealing for your rooftop and budget, then a new DaVinci roof will definitely give you a lifetime of satisfaction.

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