Cedar Shake Alternative for Roofing

Cedar roof shingles are some of the oldest and most common traditional roofing materials for residential housing projects. They are used for both roofing and siding purposes, and because the material is made from natural wood, these shingles are vulnerable to environmental deterioration. That vulnerability leads to short term roof life and the need for frequent maintenance and repair. Such short comings have recently given rise to the search for cedar shake alternative roofing materials. Consumer demands for better roofing have led to the development of roofing materials that can survive storms, fluctuating weather cycles and emergency conditions.

fake cedar shake tilesFor an environmentally friendly roof that provides sturdy reliability, DaVinci Roofscapes polymer roofing material is unparalleled in its beauty and protective qualities. Made from virgin resins, our synthetic, or fake cedar shake tiles, are low maintenance while also offering wind and fire resistance. We offer a 50 year warranty so our customers know when they install DaVinci roofing it will last for a lifetime.

Fortunately, technology allows our synthetic shingles to offer all the rustic appeal of traditional cedar without any of the issues common to natural wood. We offer many options in shake tiles to fit your project.

The Multi-Width Shake features premium quality tiles texturized to display deep graining and feel of natural wood. The Fancy Shake design appears like hand cut, smooth wood shingles while our Single Width Valoré provides affordable cedar looks without the expense.

All of our shake tiles are available in multiple colors and color blends so that our clients can customize their roofs in the exact shade desired. For more information about choosing just the right tile and color for your project, contact one of our project specialists today.

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