Choosing A Contractor: Dos And Don’ts

Installing your roof is a huge investment, irrespective of whether you are installing natural shingles or DaVinci’s imitation slate shingles on to your roof. How it is installed will determine to a large extent how your investment turns out.

green roof systemsHere are some dos and don’ts that should help you make the right contractor choice:

- Check with us to see if there is a high-end contractor in your area
- Ask your chosen contractor for insurance, liability, references and experience
- Check with references the contractor provides and find out whether the work was completed on time and properly. Also, ask whether the contractor managed to stay close to the originally estimated budget.

- Hire someone who has less than 5 years of experience, unless you've done your research and found them reliable
- Hire someone who's references have a negative feedback to give about them
- Go for the cheapest. It is always a good idea to ensure that you get the best for your money. Compromising on the amount you pay the contractor could result in several fold spending for repairs

Contact us to see if there is a high-end contractor in your area. If you have recently had DaVinci luxury roofing installed, do share your experience with us, by leaving a comment below. You could also let our readers know which contractor you used and what your opinion is of the job they did.

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