Clarifying a Common Misconception - Polymer is Rubber…

Polymer roof tiles are some of the most modern types of roofing products, and are becoming more popular due to the large number of advantages they offer over natural slate and shake, as well as other types of roof tiles. Since polymer tiles have been in existence for much less time than older roofing materials, there are a few misconceptions about polymer. The most common is that polymer is rubber.

Imitation Slate ShinglesAlthough this misconception may have been generated by the somewhat pliable nature of polymer products, referring to them as "rubber" is not correct. "Polymer" is a kind of highly refined plastic that (in this case) is developed and designed for roofs. The huge benefits that polymer tiles bring to a roof stem from the fact that this material can be crafted in a laboratory to solve a variety of roofing issues. For example, our engineers have worked to come up with a "polymer recipe" that will withstand high impacts, be impervious to water and freeze/thaw cycles, be resistant to fire (our tiles have a Class A fire rating), and have a high wind rating (rated up to 110 mph).

No, DaVinci polymer tiles are not rubber, but a very tough, long-lasting, carefully designed plastic material that is also available in a huge range of colors.

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