Class A Fire Ratings - What Does that Mean?

Regular readers of our blog probably see us mention "Class A fire rating" from time to time. Although you can probably guess that a Class A rating translates to a top tier fire resistance rating, you may have wondered how our tiles earned that distinction and what exactly it means. Well, let's start off by saying that the Class A rating is the highest rating for fire resistance that can be earned by roofing products. There are also Class B and C ratings and each of those refers to products that off a lesser resistance to fire.

These ratings are determined by a standardized test given to roof coverings known as the ASTM E108. It tests for how well the roofing tiles resist the spreading of flames on their surface, the ability of the material to resist fire penetration from the exterior to the underside of a roof deck, and resistance to recurring intermittent flame".  All of our polymer roof tiles have been given a Class A rating for fire based on these tests, and this means extra protection for your home and business.

To learn more about our Class A Fire Ratings, read this blog written by our Vice President of Technical Services, Tim Gentry. As well, in the video below you can see our DaVinci Shake going through the fire test:



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