Cold Weather Roofing with DaVinci

Green Roofs SustainableA lot of roofing contractors try to get as much work done as they can during the summer. They don't just do that to avoid being up on a roof in freezing cold and icy conditions. While that is a valid consideration, one of the reasons many roofers take a break from laying down asphalt shingles in the winter is because the tiles become brittle and break during cold weather installs. Nevertheless, there are roofers who continue to work during the winter.

The tough, pliable resins that make up our tiles stand up to cold weather far better than many other products and can be installed in temperatures as low as 20 degrees F. Yes, they can even be installed in freezing conditions and that makes it possible to finish roofing projects in less time. Whereas projects using products that can't be installed below 40 degrees F may need to be halted for a few months, similar projects that use DaVinci tiles can keep moving forward until they are done. The cold weather resistance of our tiles means that you can install a DaVinci roof for most of the year; a large bonus for homes and businesses that can't wait until spring for a new roof or to wrap up a large project.

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