Common Roofing Terms

DaVinci Slate in AspenDid you just get a quote from your roofer for a shake shingle roof, but you are confused about some of the terms?

Perhaps we can help.  Below are a few commonly asked questions that we receive.

1. What are Open or Closed Valleys?

If you have valleys on your home, that just means that it is an area where two roofs come together.  Chances are that your roofer will suggest either having an open valley or a closed valley.  A closed valley is one in which the tiles touch and no flashing is exposed.  Whereas an open valley is one where flashing is exposed and the shingle butt up to it.

2. What is flashing?

Flashing are pieces of metal used to prevent water from coming into your building or home.  Flashing is necessary in valleys, vent pipes, chimneys, dormers, and adjoining walls.  The more angles your roof has, the more your labor and material cost will be.  So if your neighbor got a cheaper bid than you, chances are, his or her roof isn't as complicated as yours.

3. What is the Ridge?

The ridge is the uppermost part of your roof where there is an angle formed from the intersection of two sloping roof planes.

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