Common Winter Weather Roof Woes

Spring, summer, and fall can bring nasty rainy weather, hailstorms, and high winds to many parts of the country - but terrible weather also happens in the winter. While there is nothing fun about bad weather at Non Rubber Slate Roof any time of the year, winter weather can be especially tough on a roof.

We all know that with winter comes bitterly cold temperatures, frigid winds, ice, and snow (very heavy snow for some), but those are not the only causes of roof damage. A couple of common culprits of winter roofing woes are:

  • Ice Dams: It's not so much the ice and heavy snow load that tests the roof, but the water runoff from these elements that can't properly drain into the gutters. As snow and ice melt on the roof from the heat in the attic, the water runs down the roof and re-freezes at the roof edge where there is not heat from the attic forming an ice dam. The ice at the edge of the roof keeps the water from more melting snow from draining off as it should, instead backing up onto the roof and possibly leaking into the structure of the roof. The best way to prevent ice damming on your roof is to make sure your roof is properly ventilated and your attic is adequately insulated. While there is no absolute way to prevent ice dams, a lightweight DaVinci polymer roofing system that has been properly installed with the appropriate membrane on the underside can help prevent roof leaks if an ice dam does form.
  • Freeze/Thaw Cycles: In some parts of the country temperature can have extreme variances in a 24 hour period - warm during the day and below freezing at night. Sometimes these temperatures can vary as much as a 40 to 50 degrees in one day. When this type of temperature swing occurs in conjunction with any moisture, this can cause a vicious freeze/thaw cycle on the roof. If the roof tiles absorb the moisture and go through the freeze/thaw cycle, this can cause crazing, cracking, splitting, etc., eventually destroying the roofing product. Fortunately, DaVinci polymer roof tiles are designed to be impervious to freeze/thaw cycles - our tiles don't absorb water and are very thermally stable.


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